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Tabor provides a fast, integrated, and familiar web experience than other web browsers. Tabor uses Google Chrome’s latest feature custom tabs. With light weighted Tabor you can open web links inside using app with out leaving the app.
By use of Chrome’s custom tabs Tabor gives following features

  • saved passwords(No need to login to websites again)
  • auto-fills the form
  • Tap to Search
  • Chrome’s data saver feature
  • Synchronized AutoComplete
  • Chrome’s advanced security features,
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Online shopping India

Experience online shopping India at its best!
Shop anywhere at any time with the convenient by using our app Thala – Online shopping India.
Thala gives access to more than 100 online shopping stores in India.
This single app, saves more device memory space instead of keeping many shopping apps for different retailer.

  • Small in size
  • More than 100 E commerce stores supported
  • Single wishlist for all shopping products
  • Works well on 2G, 3G and 4G
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Best Sites

Best Sites – enables users to search the world’s best sites, including videos, musics, shopping, images, news, travel dating and more.
Best Sites is compatible with all browsers such as OMG/UC/Opera/Firefox/Chrome/Android browsers.
Start surfing now!

  • Less in size(only 22KB)
  • Crafted with material design
  • More than 300 sites supported
  • Compatible with OMG/UC/Opera/Firefox/Chrome/Android Browsers.
  • Best site master for Android
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OMG Browser for Android

OMG Browser for Android-experience the power of internet with speedy, powerful, featured web browser.
Test results gives a score which is double the most popular of the web browsers.

  • Material design support
  • Night mode
  • Incognito mode/li>
  • Remember password feature
  • Custom user agent support
  • Multi language support – Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Hindi and Tamil
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